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BIM Outsourcing | Virtual Modeling and Mock up
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We utilize a building information model (BIM) authoring program to create a highly detailed 3D model of selected parts of your project for representation of the proposed design to fine tune the construction process. This is called virtual mock up and it facilitates the project team to examine a complex materials intersection in virtual environments.

Virtual Mock up is performed before the completion of the design to learn proposed construction details, test for performance, explain the appearance of the final structure, save time, reduce risk, and validate design and work through constructability challenges..

The project team members apply it as a communication tool for meeting the design and reviewing the finished construction.

Recent development in virtual modeling permits the creation of virtual mock-ups for facilitating scale visualization and navigation.

In a virtual mock-up, the detailed 3D geometry of a virtual prototype is viewed in combination with an immersive virtual environment (IVE) to evaluate a design for

  • Form and fit
  • Logistics
  • Human factors integration
  • Feasibility analysis

The application of virtual prototypes and formation of rational computer generated images is often quicker, cheaper, and a more useful means to observe preliminary design results than physical prototypes, and frequently allows review of more alternatives.