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BIM Benefit to Structural Designers ...

  • Structural detailing drawings will be produced more quickly with BIM
  • Through the process of BIM and integrated project delivery, structural designers can keep away from costly clashes to examine beams, pipes, HVAC and electrical systems before the commencement of the construction.
  • BIM will help to optimize parameters of the structural model at par with the design rules
  • More purified engineering design can be made on sound theory minimizing rough calculations.
  • Integrated modeling, analysis and design can be achieved without splitting up the tasks
  • BIM models can be exchanged easily among the architectural designer and HVAC designer which creates better cooperation.
  • More attention to cost factors by studying alternative solutions on one model
  • Better and optimized constructions can be get by the combination with CAE solutions.
  • The designer will notice building footings placed by structural engineers to help maintain the structural integrity of the building