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BIM Benefit to Plumbing Designer ...

  • With BIM Plumbing Designer can coordinate the exact footing locations to be stepped down to guarantee that the gravity waste line can be routed out of the building without issue
  • As BIM provides entirely 3-dimensional models, isometrics are easily created
  • As new fixtures are added the totals for fixture units are adjusted mechanically in the schedule With BIM plumbing designers can use the Uniform Plumbing Code and the schedule is based on the International Plumbing Code?
  • BIM can coordinate any obstructions in the projects which can decrease conflicts during design phase and help prevent costly change orders during construction
  • With BIM plumbing designers can get a visual review in a three-dimensional environment that can help tremendously in determining design options
  • BIM can perform clash detection to observe if any items are crossing each other, such as sprinkler piping and ductwork
  • Fixture schedules is coordinated or connected to the architects schedule with a mere key stroke if required.
  • Fixture schedules, plans, riser diagrams, sections and details are mechanically coordinated
  • Riser diagrams can be extended once and mechanically synchronized with the plans.
  • All engineering data, (such as drainage fixture units) are automatically and endlessly followed in plan and scrutinized in a variety of views and filters.
  • Designer have get the ability to add, delete, and modify fixtures and outlets smoothly with automatic update to the engineering data and the model