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Revit Component Family Creation
BIM application
BIM services ...

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Revit© Component Family Creation ...

We have expertise in developing, laying-out and documenting the advanced parametric Revit© specific Component Families for Designers, architects, engineers and product manufacturers facilitate them representing 3D geometry to improve and accelerate their design processes.

Just send us the drawings, sketches or the images of the families in DWF, CAD, PDF etc. format we will create data-rich BIM (building information modeling) models in quicker turnaround time. We ensure you keep the files and Revit families extremely confidential and the families generated for you will not be utilized/sold to anybody else, without your consent.

We also create and maintain an active library that can be utilized for large and small projects, diverse building types and several markets in a shared partnering environment.

Advantages of our Revit family creation services :-

  • Family specific with a widely adjustable and open framework
  • Generate high-quality, parametric-rich components that are accurate, product specific, schedulable, graphically clean, great in renderings and small in file size
  • Accurateness in form, scale, detail, material, and product data
  • Families are standardized graphics and/or models ready to be inserted into a Revit design
  • "Flip controls" for easy model orientation
  • Titles matching with manufacturer or Client’s nomenclature standards

Our experienced and skilled Revit Family designers create:-

  • Building System Families
  • Existing block libraries into Revit families
  • Custom Applications
  • Building components for new types of facilities
  • Structural Components
  • Manufacturer-specific components
  • Dimensioning parameters which prevent "saved as" variations of one model
  • Walls, Doors, and Windows
  • Material, dimensional, and graphic parameters
  • Legends & Titleblocks
  • Revitize your custom annotations and favorite symbols
  • Mep Revit families like Pipe accessories (Valve, Strainer, Valve assembly and Pipe Hanger), duct accessories (Dampers, Sound Attenuator and Duct Hanger), mechanical equipment (Fans, Boiler, AHU, Pumps and unit heater etc), Air terminal (different types of grill, Diffuser and Louvers)