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BIM Benefit to Landscape Designer ...

  • Capability to analyze costs
  • Manage irrigation systems more thoroughly
  • Run sun studies to find the best locations for plants
  • With 3D Rendering capability of Interior and Landscape designs BIM can show the effects of varied lighting conditions which adds pragmatism and offers a dynamic impact to the 3D model and shows the impact of sunlight / artificial light / shadows on the model.
  • A Virtual panorama can be obtained by fusing Interior and Landscape 3D Models of views from different points of view. This will produce a flawless view that can be visualized interactively from a number of different perspectives.
  • The ability to visualize existing, modified, and proposed buildings, landscapes, and cities in their BIM provides real geographic location which is crucially valuable in making informed design decisions.
  • Integrated Plant Database makes selecting the right plant a breeze
  • Qucikly place multiple plants along polylines, or create complete planting areas with fills
  • A wide array of objects to compliment the Landscaping Plan