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3D Models for wood structure
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3D Models for Wood Structure ...

We efficiently define and generate a BIM solution for the design of wood structures, wooden structure detailing, prefabricated wooden parts with their connections from an approved set of drawing. We maintain a crystal clear and participative environment at our work place that facilitates us to handle the most complex and comprehensive wood structural design projects including wood framing and wood shear-wall modeling with ease.

The 3D model was also successfully utilized to produce part, assembly and DXF drawings for complex wood structures as well as a considerable number of reports to enhance production.

We can also create 3D models for wooden furniture and 3D Texture. We create 3D models for Ray cabinet design, Cabinet & Wardrobe, Kids baby furniture (Bunk beds, Cribs, Cradles, Bedroom collections, kids accent furniture etc.), chairs, table etc.

From the 3D model we can also provide 2D drawings and submit as part of our approval package for the contractor and architect to review.

When all dimensions and connections have been verified and approved we will generate shop drawings from the 3D model for use in fabricating your project.