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BIM Benefit to Mechanical Designer ...

  • BIM facilitates mechanical engineers with indefinite liberty to discover more design options, create better knowledgeable design decisions, and calculate costs and performance.
  • and construction documents are mechanically synchronized, get rid of errors and omissions which results in creating better engineered buildings on time and on budget
  • BIM generates true 3D prototypes of mechanical systems virtually and offers important business-critical benefits for mechanical engineering
  • To make possible the rapid design and modeling of complex air handling and plumbing systems the widest variety of components, materials, and cross section are created and modified parametrically; dimension-driven
  • BIM automates the sloping of entire piping systems
  • BIM has the ability to design rapidly and model the most complex systems
  • With BIM Mechanical designers can create accurate and coordinated 2D drawings from 3D models
  • BIM facilitates Mechanical engineers for achieving significant time savings in the construction drawings phase
  • Accurate bills of materials and cost reports, and schedules are produced in Microsoft® Excel which consists of lengths, dimensions, and materials of ducts, pipes, and components, flow rates, and more
  • BIM save time and costs for fabrication and installation through clash-free design
  • BIM collaborate flawlessly across disciplinary borders in shared multi-disciplinary models
  • 3D geometry with spatial relationships and attributes
  • BIM incorporates with Energy Analysis applications Such as IES VE
  • BIM instantly provide data for building commissioning and recommissioning