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Modern BIM design tool contains parametric modeling engines (i.e. the objects are defined as parameters and relations to other objects) which find out the behavior of a graphical entity and characterize relationships among model components.

A BIM software has the ability to coordinate a change occurred anyplace, as well as on sheets ready to plot, everywhere it matters: in 3D views and drawing sheets, schedules and elevations, sections and plans. Parametric objects automatically reconstruct themselves in accordance with the rules embedded in them. Revise the model in one place, and all views, drawings and schedules are synchronized instantaneously. As for example choose and shift a wall in the first floor plan and it results to adjust all the associated elements automatically. The roof will shift with the wall, maintaining any overhang relationship, the other exterior walls are expanded to stay connected to the moved wall, and so on.

The parametric three dimensional modeling is very much helpful at the early phases of design for the exact operation of a building information model as a dynamic and responsive database of information. The designers can explore variations, analyze design objects and be more proficient by keeping control over designed components.

BIM with it’s parametric modeling capabilities can be utilized for providing information for quantity-takeoffs, solar studies, day-lighting simulation, fabrication possibility early in the design process.

BIM as a parametric modeling tool can provide the following benefits:-

  • A quick design (new design models can be effortlessly recreated from similar shapes, parametric parts are reprocessed in other objects or projects)
  • Access to more complication (parameters can be evaluated beyond formulae or originated from other parameters, e.g. creation of the geometry of repetitious structures)
  • Sensitivity studies (by studying the effect of changing parameters)