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Spool drawings are assembly drawings which contain comprehensive manufacturing and fabrication information for each unique “spool piece”.  Piping spools are generally represented in symbolic isometric drawings. Spool drawings are produced from a BIM model in 3D representation, line representation, and symbolic form along with 2D plans, sections and isometric views.  BIM can automatically assign spool assembly drawings with bill of material data.

The piping spool drawings can be utilized for accurate pre-fabrication off-site / on-site compliant with contractors’ pre-fabricating standards and preferences.

A spool drawing may contain dimensions and angles, a bill of materials, and manufacturing information.

Spool drawings provide the following information :-

  • 2-D or isometric view of the spool piece producing adequate features for manufacturing. Sections are given if necessary.
  • Bill of material for fabrication
  • Field installation information, for example a line tag number and field tie-in numbers
  • Suggest support spacing