About Drinking fountain installation

Drinking fountains are an often forgotten part of the modern world. Scattered throughout offices, shopping malls and parks we pass by them daily without taking note. Installing a drinking fountain is a simple process that brings cool water to the lives of thirsty people everywhere.

  • Connect the chiller unit inside the case by removing the front chiller panel. Remove any cardboard or other packing material from inside the case.
  • Install the shutoff valve and union connection before connecting the water supply to the chiller unit. Turn on the water and flush the lines thoroughly.
  • Place the upper panel onto the mounting frame and tighten the provided screws. Verify the mount and panel connects with the channel at the top of the frame.
  • Mount the drinking fountain to the frame and secure it tightly with the supplied bolts. Remove the elbow and make the connection to the drainpipe taking care to place Teflon tape in the threads.
  • Plug the unit in and verify the chiller is operating properly. Adjust the stream height with the adjustment screw on the regulator until you have the correct water flow.
  • Screw the lower unit into place and snap the kick plate or bottom molding into the groove along the bottom edge. Secure the unit to the floor with mooring bolts if desired.
  • Maintain the drinking fountain by removing mineral buildup. Clean the chilling unit annually to keep dirty buildup from reducing the efficiency of the coils.

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