Blower and fan, cooling and dry heating, installation

In this time of high energy prices, people are turning to alternative fuels for heat. One of the most popular is wood. If you have a fireplace to partially heat your home, make it more efficient by installing a fireplace blower. A blower distributes more of the heat throughout your house.

  • Remove the cover plate from the lower exterior of the fireplace. Take off the knock-out from the cover plate and secure it to the electrical wire clamp. If your fireplace does not have a cover plate or a hole.
  • Thread the 110 - 120 VAC service wire though the clamp and secure them to the clamp as you install a fireplace blower system.
  • Look for the fireplace's controls which are located in a compartment in the junction box. Attach the black wire to the black wire of the service wire, the white to the white, and the ground of the service wire to the junction box's ground stud.
  • Insert the back tab of the junction box into slot that's located in the in the firebox's outer wrap. Gently push on the box's front end until it's snugly against the unit's side. Secure it with a sheet metal screw.
  • Set the blower all the way to the back center of the fireplace, then pull it forward up to of an inch from the fireplace's back wall.
  • Plug in the blower's cord into the junction box via the blower receptacle fan. Secure the ground wire to the junction box's bottom or to some other grounded metal source, such as the leg of the firebox.

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