About Commercial refrigeration system installation

Commercial refrigeration technicians and specialists design, install and maintain commercial refrigeration equipment like grocery coolers and freezers, restaurant walk-in coolers and freezers and chiller units used to cool and move water through evaporators for facility air conditioning. They prepare with HVAC technical training and mechanical engineering course work, with certifications, associate degrees or bachelor degrees. They perform their work with a lot of different tools, both basic and specific to working with commercial refrigeration equipment.


Basic Hand Tools

Commercial refrigeration technicians and specialists use many basic hand tools in the course of installation, maintenance and repair of equipment. They use everyday tools like hammers, pliers and screwdrivers, as well as basic hand tools like tape measures, flashlights, telescoping and retractable inspection mirrors, cordless drills, wrenches and levels.


Flare Nut Wrenches and Nut Drivers

Commercial refrigeration technicians and specialists deal with hex head screws and tubing and need the tools to work with them. Nut drivers remove and replace hex head screws in metal panels, cabinets and framework, and flare nut wrenches are used with metal tubing without breaking it.


Specialized Tools for Tubing

Refrigeration equipment is outfitted with tubing that technicians install, maintain, remove, replace, connect and disconnect. They use specialized tools such as tube benders and cutters, flaring and swaging tools, inner-outer reamers, tubing shears and pinch-off tools to handle and work with tubing.


Specialized Measurement Tools AC Clamp-on Ammeters

Ammeters and air velocity measuring instruments are used in commercial refrigeration to measure electricity and air flow. Ammeters and AC clamp-on ammeters measure electrical current without interrupting the circuit. Air velocity measuring instruments are available as meters, multifunction instruments and kits to check fans and blowers and measure air pressure.


Rotating Brushes

Commercial refrigeration technicians use special rotating brushes to clean tubes in condensers. Brushes can only be used on cleanable condensers and must be manufacturer-recommended. Shell-and-coil condensers must be cleaned chemically.


Service and Installation Equipment

Commercial refrigeration technicians use specialized equipment to install, repair and maintain refrigeration, freezing and cooling units. Programmable charging meters help technicians precisely charge refrigerant by the proper weight. Refrigerant leak detectors help with fast and accurate leak assessment. Electronic thermistor vacuum gages and U-tube mercury manometers display vacuum levels while technicians evacuate refrigerant from systems. Vacuum pumps remove refrigeration air and gases from systems. Sling psychrometers let technicians measure humidity.

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