Central cooling equipment and piping installation

With the arrival of hot weather, I have received many telephone calls and emails requesting information on central air conditioning systems. The very first thing that I tell everyone is that this is not a project for the average do-it-yourselfer because there are many specialized skill sets involved as well as specialized tools that are quite expensive to purchase.

How much a central A/C system will cost depends on a number of factors. If you home is already equipped with central hot air heating system, central A/C will cost you somewhere between $3500 and $4000 and can be installed in two days by two highly trained technicians. These figures are based on a home with a 2000 FT2 living space. On the other hand, if your home isn't heated by a central hot air system, the installers will have to install the ductwork. If the contractor needs to install new ductwork, the price for central air can quickly increase to $8000 or more for a 2000 FT2 home.

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All contents of this page are taken from http://factoidz.com/a-guide-to-installing-central-air-conditioning/