About Commercial freezer installation

Industrial, or commercial, freezers are a little bit different to their domestic counterparts and involve some extra assembly. For reasons related to cleaning, they have wheels, called casters, which need assembling. The adjustable shelving is also a bit different: It's approved for food service and is much heavier.

  • Uncrate the freezer. Remove all the packaging and turn the appliance onto its back. Frigidaire suggests using blocks to avoid damaging the condenser and other parts.
  • Remove the wood skids that may be attached. They simply unscrew.
  • Remove the package containing the casters.
  • Assemble the front fixed casters. Put two carriage bolts (from the package) through the rear of the fixed caster and loosely hold them with nuts. Hold the caster in position and insert the carriage bolt heads into the slots near the front of the caster rail and attach locking nuts. Repeat with the other fixed caster.
  • Place a washer onto one of the long bolts and slide the bolt through the fixed caster into the caster rail. Align the bolt with the hole in the front foot of the right hand base rail. Thread a bolt through the hole and tighten. Repeat with the left-hand caster rail.
  • Tip the freezer up. You will need a buddy for this.
  • Insert the shelves.
  • Wheel the freezer into place. Leave at least an inch on all sides and at the back and plug the freezer in to the power supply.

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All contents of this page are taken from http://www.ehow.com/how_5943178_install-industrial-freezers.html/