Central air-conditioning equipment installation

Turn off the power supply before working on the air conditioner. Make sure you have the proper electricity connection for your desired air conditioning unit. Install the ducts to transport the air first.

If in doubt, contact a professional for advice ad help with installation.

Central air conditioning distributes air or cold water to several rooms in a building, providing for a more effective air conditioning than stand-alone air conditioner units. If it's getting hot and you don't have an air conditioner or only have a single unit, you might want to install a central air conditioning system. Although you will need help for parts of the work unless you have previous experience, you can do some of it yourself. This page is a guide on how to install central air conditioning.

Central air conditioning systems are more complex to install than single unit air conditioners such as window or wall mounted air conditioners. You will need the help of a professional for some of the work involved, unless you have experience with electrical installations. If you have not installed similar systems before, contact a professional for guidance, advice and planning before starting the work. This page takes you through the main steps of installing a central air conditioning system.

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