Backhoe rental with operator

Discuss the importance of reading and following the instructions provided by the machine safety signs, instructional machine signs and Backhoe Operation and Maintenance Manual. Discuss the importance of properly attaching and removing the backhoe from the loader and the location of the "Attaching and Removing the Backhoe" decal.

  • Identify the controls and their functions.
  • Identify the backhoe's components and safety features.
  • Explain the importance of daily backhoe check-out and periodic maintenance.
  • Explain how to check out the jobsite before beginning an excavation with a backhoe.
  • Understand the proper procedure to get on and off the backhoe.
  • Understand the fundamentals of safely driving a loader with a backhoe attached from one jobsite to the next.
  • Understand the fundamentals of safely maneuvering and working with a backhoe.
  • Explain the proper methods for transporting a backhoe.

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