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Smithsonian x3D Explorer, a new interactive educational tool from Autodesk

Autodesk, Inc. and the Smithsonian just released the Smithsonian x3D Explorer. It is an interactive 3D educational tool and the users can acquire through the web. Autodesk created the tool solely for the Smithsonian to coordinate admittance to prized specimens and publish their stories. The public now get priceless objects computerized by the Smithsonian for the first time which range from viewing “behind the glass” to holding 3D printed mock-ups.

3D technology is now extensively applied with museum projects and Smithsonian plays an significant role to widespread the concept.

Smithsonian now gives importance on capturing digital 3D models of their huge and composite collections of artifacts. By collaborating with Autodesk, they will be able to extend their collections to several people and develop education and research around science and technology among the students in intuitive manner.

Now it will be possible to restore and safeguard cultural heritage artifacts, structures, heirlooms, scientific specimens housed and even fossils by producing digital representation within the Smithsonian collection. These modesl can be made accessible to the World.

Autodesk worked with the Smithsonian to provide the complete web experience involving a online museum finished with a gallery, guided tours, research data, and a 3D object explorer. The x3D Explorer introduced with 3D models of 21 representative objects from its collection.

Anyone can avail the Smithsonian’s x3D Explorer’s amazing 3D models of historic treasures and scientific specimens at free of cost and view, study, interact, visually manipulate, and allocate. So many 3D models can be downloaded for individual application as well as educational purpose. Various types physical objects can be generated for 3D printing.

Smithsonian hinged on Autodesk ReCap and Autodesk Maya solutions to capture artifacts with photos effortlessly and swiftly and transform them into detailed 3D models that can be viewed with superior quality with the x3D Explorer.

Smithsonian x3D Explorer, a new interactive educational tool from Autodesk