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Modeling and Rigging a Hydraulic Crane in 3ds Max

Giuseppe Candido is a 3D Character and Creature Animator and Generalist based in London. He has several years of experience in the CG Industry and after graduating from VFX School in London he had the chance to create animations and rigs for iPhone Game Apps.

Giuseppe has also worked as a 3D sculptor for DigiDoubles and 3D scan film sets. Some of the features he has been involved with are Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Skyfall to name a few. Currently he is working as a 3D animator creating mechanic rigs for 3D Engineering Visualization. Giuseppe likes the challenge of every kind of production. He is always pushing to the limits of creativity and learning from his experiences.

In this tutorials we will learn how to create a mechanical rig for 3D visualizations in 3ds Max. We will begin from the concept of the crane, explaining the different parts and how a crane works. Next, we will introduce the rigging tools used, and the limitations of the setup that a real crane has, all in 3ds Max. We will then model and texture every main part of the crane separately and assemble it all into a new scene ready to be rigged and refined.

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Modeling and Rigging a Hydraulic Crane in 3ds Max