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progeSOFT SA released progeCAD's iCADMac 2018 for Mac

Swiss-based progeSOFT SA released iCADMac 2018, a complete and professional 2D/3D DWG-based CAD system that has the ability to read and write AutoCAD files up to version 2018.

This newest version is compatible with Apple's macOS El Capitan and High Sierra operating systems. The user interface is significantly improved to simplify the working process.

By applying more complete, contextual menus system, time & the numbers of mouse clicks can be saved significantly.

In iCADMac 2018, there are two user interfaces available for the users. The users can choose from either the classic "light grey" theme or the new "dark 2018" theme. With the help of the vector-based icons in the macOS menu architecture, high-resolution 4K displays are possible on Apple's computers.

There are various new tools contained in iCADMac 2018 which range from a new AutoComplete feature to accelerate typing commands and system variables. SuperHatch generates an area hatch with an image, a block, an external reference, or a wipeout.

There exist new features for managing hatches and gradients. Trimmed hatches stay associative and function as a single entity. With a revamped dialog box, enhancements are also made to print dialogs. New Auto-Hide palettes are used to break down palettes automatically while shifting the pointer away from the palette. Palettes are expanded automatically while moving your pointer back towards them.

progeSOFT SA released progeCAD's iCADMac 2018 for Mac

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