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Bricsys introduced Mac OS X version of BricsCAD V18

Bricsys of Belgium has recently launched the native macOS version of their popular DWG file-based CAD/BIM program called BricsCAD V18. It is a entirely native AutoCAD friendly (.dwg) based CAD and 3D BIM system. The new version 18 on macOS is well-matched with DWG format 2018 and IFC open-standard interoperability.

Given below the lists of some new features :-

BricsCAD V18 is available in three versions BricsCAD Classic, BricsCAD Pro, and BricsCAD Platinum. Platinum allows you to get access to the BricsCAD BIM and Sheet Metal modules, and the Pro version is useful for robust 3D modeling by applying various programming tools.

BricsCAD V18 offers all-in-one focus as a general design, BIM, and mechanical CAD solution and integrates full IFC-level BIM solution along with accessible Sheet Metal module for MCAD users.

The solution transforms CAD, BIM and Sheet Metal modules in a powerful and native DWG file format.

There are new modeling tools like BIM Drag that allows the users to instantly work with solids and groups of solids for simplifying the modeling processes. Besides, there is a new 3D Manipulator that functions in the same way to the 3D manipulators on professional 3D applications.

Bricsys promotes a new "machine intelligence" on your desktop with version 18, where BIM classification of elements takes place semi-automatically with BIMIFY. Classifications type into four categories: core, architectural, structural, and building services.

Bricsys introduced Mac OS X version of BricsCAD V18

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