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DWG FastView-CAD Viewer & Editor

DWG FastView is cross-platform CAD software that completes all kind of demands of the designers' and very adjustable with AutoCAD in most of the extensions such as: DWG, DXF, OCF, DWS, DWT, BMP, JPG, PDF etc. This variety of CAD functions allows the user to do CAD work continuously and enjoy the best mobile CAD experience.

More than that, all of the CAD drawings can View, edit Create and Share synchronizes to cloud from various devices with a click and let the user to enjoy design anytime together with more than 10 million users around the world.

DWG FastView allows users to view their CAD files quickly and easily, it doesn't load up a resource-demanding CAD program and easily uploads project file. It is absolutely free to download and can installed faster, also suitable with all popular Windows versions and available as a web application that can be used as a web browser also.

Thus this programs download, install and run in the windows fast so it is good to download any time and after downloading it will be loaded onto the main user interface and users can examine it by zoom, panning and rotate it. Users can load multiple filed at once and it shows their contents on separate tabs where users can switch between them instantly.


1. Complete free CAD APP: in this software users can do the job of creating or browsing or editing without any cost and has the capability to hold large files and suitably work with AutoCAD.
2. No registration and Offline drawings needed: downloading this software don't need any kind of registration and the work can be done in the offline mode also which is a big wow factor of this app. Various works like drawings from E-mail, Cloud Service or Network Dislike or Dropbox can be opened, viewed, edited or shred in the both offline and online mode.
3. It supports users in transferring CAD drawings into PDF format and customizes its paper size, direction, color etc. and convert the drawings into the formats: BMP, JPG and PNG which all can be viewed and shared by DWG FastView.

4. It can satisfy diverse needs to OPEN and VIEW .dwg, and View Mode gives simple tools for FASTER VIEW .dwg. While the Edit Mode can perform the practical and professional drawing in a better way.
5. Only one account can access and match drawings through DWG FastView Cloud Service from any browser or mobile and computer at anytime, anywhere and can share or normally exchange drawings easy and safe way.
6. Any kind of CAD work can be done in the mobile also, like moving, copying, rotating, scaling, coloring, scaling objects and using layout etc. It can also add the cloud folder and download files to enjoy collaborative and resource sharing environment, also Zoom in or Zoom out a CAD drawing by maintaining the exact space between two fingers and send emails for sharing files as an attachment and can download CAD drawing with its fonts and symbols to the font's folder to show them. It has solutions to handle normal file conflicts in cloud storage for users to recognize them through different symbols and easily move between 2D and 3D Visual mode; and do realistic and 3D hidden through powerful tools and has ten different ways of viewing. It can rotate 3D CAD drawing in a touch on the drawing area and place the 3D model at the best view.
7. FastView opens a magnifier by touching the drawing are and shows the expanded graph of that area where users can see details and snap objects. There are some exact drawings available in the app which can be edit or change by the user to put number of the organizers to move the points and also support 2D absolute, relative and polar coordinates with 3D Spherical coordinates and Cylindrical coordinates.
8. Besides all of the above facilities it gives helpful and responsive technical support for the users.

DWG FastView-CAD Viewer & Editor

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