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Autodesk uses Intensive Residency Program for Generative Design

The Autodesk Team is currently working on Intensive Residency Program with Generative Design to provide the customers better experience while using the tools.

Given below, the step-by-step processes :-

At first open the drawing

About Autodesk

Autodesk Inc. is an American multinational software corporation which creates various software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacture, media and entertainment industries and become a leader in 3D design. After its establishment in the industry, it is developing itself continuously about the widest summary for global markets and there is huge number of customers from the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, media and entertainment industries that are satisfy with their software using it for designing, visualizing and simulating their ideas before any kind of creation.

Autodesk is very popular and best known for AutoCAD but it also developing big range o software for every creative field as well as a line of software for consumers such as Sketchbook, Homestyler and Pixlr. They are also creating some educational version of its software with no cost for qualified students and staff through Autodesk Education Community. They also have some digital prototyping software such as Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360 and the Autodesk Product Design Suite which are used in the manufacturing industry for visualizing, simulating and analyzing real-world showing a digital model in the design process. Autodesk apps can be used in the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android and the company continuously more accessible design technology for both professional and new designers, homeowners, students and casual creators whoever wants to make and share their ideas with the outer world.

Autodesk has made a typical software development project that has a series of phases and they use this program named Intensive Residency Program and used it for Generative Design, in this article we will come to know about Generative design .

About Generative Design

it is a form finding technique that generally imitate nature's development approach to design and also start with design aims and then investigate numberless possible exchanges to get the best option. It uses cloud computing to continue this generative design through thousands or many more years of design choices, test arrangements and can know from every loop what works and what not. Generative Design help designers to make newest options over the human can do. The outputs in most of the designs can be images, sounds, architectural models etc. is formed on algorithm and parametric modeling. So the generative design has three things, which are- a design schema, a means of creating variations and a means of selecting desirable outcomes. Engineers enter design goals into generative design software with parameters like materials, manufacturing ways and cost restrictions and by using cloud computing the software expands every possible design options that results design options to the engineer.

In any software development project there is a series of phases that is described here:

  • Development

    This phase has a collection of Agile sprints where the team instantly repeats to specify a little amount of usefulness, design the code to provide it, coding to know it and test it to check if it works well with the new code or not; the process is done repeatedly.
  • Alpha

    This testing is done to confirm the appeal of a collection of functionality fast in the method.
  • Beta

    This testing is done to confirm the collection of functionality is prepared to release.
  • Release

    This treatment make the collection of functionality available to all.

Autodesk Generative Design team is behaving intensive residency trials with this generative design process to help the Autodesk team to catch stories and display for their valid generative design solution which carries more weight. Autodesk recently welcomed their new customers, the US Marine Corps and Innovation Forge as a part of the newly launched Autodesk Generative Design Intensive Residency where they have designed a two week intensive training program to provide the top-listed customers a chance to get Autodesk's Generative Design. This program will be a result of collaboration between Pier 9, Marketing, Product and Worldwide Field Organizations teams where the customers will give feedbacks and share their experience.

The program activities have some supports like:

  • Product Validation and Feedback:

    Team members are working hard with these customers to provide support, observation and document to know how the customers are using tools.
  • Customer Stories and Testimonials:

    Team members are upgrading customer stories to continue the same kind of experience all the time.
  • Customer Education and Sales Support:

Autodesk uses Intensive Residency Program for Generative Design