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AutoCAD 2019 has specialized notes

AutoCAD: It is 2D or 3D computer supported drafting software program used to make blueprints for buildings, bridges and computer chips and used in architecture, construction and manufacturing.

Operating AutoCAD is depended on some commands and people can create their own set of mostly used commands to normalize in a few steps. Here is a list of only 50 usable commands that can speed up the work game, find new shortcuts or have some easy to use tools to control the project if they forget the commands they need.

AutoCAD 2019: AutoCAD 2019 software has some industry-specific toolsets for improved workflows across desktop, web and mobile; also has some new features like DWGTM compare. It will increase the speed of workspace with specialized features and libraries for mechanical design, architecture, 3D mapping and many more.

There are seven specialized toolsets which will help subscribers to have more than 750000 intelligent objects, styles, parts, features and symbols to choose for drawing. Designers can also automate floorplans, quickly draw piping, plant equipment, convert raster images into DWG objects etc. in a familiar AutoCAD interface. AutoCAD 2019 with specialized toolsets is available from March 22, 2018 and after subscribing users can get access to the following toolsets:

  • Architectural Toolset: One can use specialized building design features and there are more than 8000 intelligent architectural objects and styles for speed up architectural drawing and documentation.
  • Mechanical Toolset: Users can use specialized electrical design features and there are more than 65000 intelligent electrical symbols to improve the productivity for creating, modifying and documenting electrical controls systems.
  • MEP Toolset: one can use specialized MEP engineering features and there are more than 10500 intelligent mechanical, electrical and plumbing objects for drafting, designing and documenting building systems.
  • Plant 3D Toolset: one can use specialized plant design and engineering toolset to make P&IDs and then combine them into a 3D Plant design model.
  • Map 3D Toolset: one can use specialized mapping features with GIS and CAD data for planning, design and data management.
  • Raster Design Toolkit: one can use raster to vector tools as a help in editing scanned drawings and converting raster images into DWG objects.

Availability of AutoCAD 2019: The AutoCAD 2019 also gives access to all-new AutoCAD web app and the AutoCAD mobile app directly in the web browser through and there is no such thing to download or install. Users just need to log in to their Autodesk account, access to the Trusted DWG files, core 2D drafting and editing tools like Xref support and layer management. So it is easier to edit and create designs without carrying blueprints as this app will help to create, view, edit and share CAD drawings anywhere, anytime. Without WiFi even the DWG files can be downloaded and the app is available across Windows, Android and iOS devices and improved for the iPhone X, iPad Pro and Window Surface.

Work flexibility in AutoCAD 2019: There is a new feature in this new version that allows working users smoothly across the desktop, web and mobile with a capability to "Save To Web & Mobile" and "Open from Web & Mobile" from desktop to AutoCAD. So it becomes easier to edit and work in site and save it in the new AutoCAD.

Recognize drawing differences: New DWG Compare quality in AutoCAD 2019 and AutoCAD LT 2019 helps users to easily locate graphical differences between two revisions of a drawing and there is no fear to lose anything as one can systematically cycle through every one to keep every detail safe.

Shared views give Easier collaboration: It is an upgrade version of "Share Design Views" feature that makes it easier to share designs with stakeholders without sending the DWG files to them and there is no need to use the awkward commonly used workflow of publishing and emailing designs but a viewable file is created in AutoCAD and circulated through a shareable link.

2D performance gets doubled: AutoCAD also invested in simplifying 2D graphics performance with this release which faster the process of redrawing with AutoCAD or regenerate 2D graphics. New controls in the Graphics Performance dialog box allow shaping the behavior of 2d graphics performance easily.


AutoCAD 2019 has specialized notes