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GRAPHISOFT has introduced ARCHICAD 22, the newest version of its award-winning BIM software solution. With ARCHICAD 22, the architectural design and documentation workflow for building façades has been improved significantly. Besides, crucial enhancements are made to ARCHICAD 22 concerning construction modeling, information management and 2D performance.

The Curtain Wall tool of ARCHICAD 22 is significantly refurbished to transform the designing process of building façades a perfect graphical experience for architects with its modular pattern editor.

The new Façade Design workflow contains the whole design workflow from concept through design development to documentation supporting local standards fully supported with BIM."

New features of ARCHICAD 22: The renovated Façade Design workflow offers a adjustable design environment for architects to produce external or internal façades with modular structures and hierarchical, simply modifiable patterns. ARCHICAD-Grasshopper Connection is also significantly improved and it supports both conventional and algorithmic workflows.

The improved Profile Editor simplifies the process for generating intelligent profiles for columns, beams and walls and manage the shapes and sizes of their cross sections through BIM parameters.

The brand-new Expression Defined Properties significantly enhance the power of ARCHICAD to control the "I" in BIM. GRAPHISOFT's patent pending Machine Learning (ML) algorithm modifies 2D navigation to each project's content and leads to a very smooth and responsive navigation.

ARCHICAD 22 also comprises of Maxon's latest (R19) CineRender engine that produces stereoscopic or 360° spherical renderings; a superior Teamwork experience because of rapid element reservation; and greater quality and accuracy while exporting building component information from composite skins and complex profiles – with OPEN BIM standards.

ARCHICAD 22 also offers various othr performance and functional enhancements. To get more information, please visit