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Esri is introducing ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Beta with improved BIM and Revit features

The Esri is going to introduce ArcGIS Pro this summer. It will provide direct reading capabilities for Autodesk Revit in order that BIM information is delivered into the ArcGIS platform's workflows.

This capability will be available for ArcGIS Pro 2.2. Till now, ArcGIS Desktop can read BIM information through Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files. It is accomplished with the Interoperability Extension, a plugin for data conversion.

The usefulness of BIM data for GIS users

By applying new Revit reading capability, GIS users can perform two things. First of all, they will be able to visualize BIM information in ArcGIS Pro, storing the semantically structured information from Revit via feature classes, which are collections of map presented in a GIS. It allows them to apply the features they need from the data model for other purposes like asset management.

Secondly, a complete BIM model is visualized in a geographic context. This visualization strength will provide more transparency to GIS users concerning what´s inside a BIM model. Similarly, it is also vital to learn what´s not inside a BIM model, as for instance rooms and spaces—both belong to geometric entities well-known with the GIS world and applied for analysis, but not intended for the architects.

Since Revit provides a limited amount of categories, these are all mapped to a feature class to give entry to all related attribute and parametric information. IFC, in comparison, employs various categories which are complicated to control in a GIS.

Esri manages Revit data within ArcGIS by extracting the data and interpreting it as a GIS dataset. ArcGIS can export feature classes into .dwg format that can be obtained in AutoCAD with a plugin known as ArcGIS for AutoCAD. The Revit read capability is a first step in a same process for BIM data.

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Esri is introducing ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Beta with improved BIM and Revit features