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BIM helps us to save Time and Cost

• Reducing Original construction cost: A lot of estimates are out there as to how much BIM will save on a projects capital costs of a project, and many are not clever enough to know by how much. All that is known is that the estimate ranges from 5% to 25%.

• Specifying building plan effectively at the outset: While drafting plans in BuildingWorks, it automatically helps to make effective choices on the building materials. It helps to choose the right products, of the right thermal performance, at the right price at the outset. Detecting problems or errors at the design stage will cost significantly less than on site.

Allplan 2019 is just launched with some new and advanced features

• Smart ordering of materials: BIM virtual models helps to derive the accurate quantities of materials required for your project. It also enables us to calculate the timescale/duration of the project depending on factors of cost and labor etc

• Completion and delivery of project within deadline: BIM helps to resolve potential conflicts as project is executed on site. Also BIM helps us to detect possible future conflicts to fix and avoid. Hence no unnecessary time is wasted.

• Time is not wasted in Documentation: BIM helps to save huge amount of time in documentation for architects and construction managers by granting them more time to focus on the production of creative and unique designs for the project. A single building model created/designed and integrated database contains all the information about the project in one single place, simplifying documentation needed for later maintenance, repairs or additions to the edifice.

BIM helps us to save Time and Cost