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Access the 3D models on your IOS devices with Procore BIM

Procore Technologies, Inc., developer of different types of construction management softwares, just released Procore BIM that facilitates the field teams to access 3D BIM models on their iOS gadgets.

Procore BIM efficiently removes the gaps among VDC teams and field teams with the use of intuitive design and functionality to put BIM available to everyone in construction.

Now, the team members will be able to publish their coordinated 3D models directly to the Procore iOS app, and check them from any Apple device. Procore BIM finally provides 3D models in the hands of the people in the field installing, validating, and tracking the work.

Procore BIM contains the following exclusive features :-

Superior performance: Procore BIM can easily manage big 3D models, and is completely incorporated with Procore's industry leading 2D Drawings tool. It is best suited for minimizing latency, clipping, and drop out. Procore BIM employs Apple's Metal graphics framework to provide superior graphics performance on Apple devices.

Intuitive control and usability: Efficiently steer through consistent BIM files with precision in Procore BIM with touch-screen gestures on iPad or iPhone, or the patent-pending Procore joysticks. If it is required to reference your shop drawings, just tap the 2D plans to instantly go to any room or area within the model.

Look Around: With motion tracking, Procore BIM converts your movement into a virtual experience and lets you step into the model as while passing through the corridor. Lock your view and look around while examining work.

Model status management: Procore BIM facilitates to reduce risk by recognizing the status of a model (for instance "issued for construction" or "issued for coordination") so Superintendents, Project Engineers, and Foremen can be created confidently.

With open platform and unlimited user model, Procore unveils the power of 3D models beyond installation validation, allowing models to be utilized all through the entire project lifecycle. By providing the models on a common data environment, teams are capable of utilizing the model information to improve the coordination process during design, minimize risk throughout construction, track labor and materials, and optimize billing and pay applications.

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Access the 3D models on your IOS devices with  Procore BIM