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Why Architects are choose BIM for career options?

Now a day, it is really astonishing how BIM or Building Information Modeling has boosted our economic development, it is universally acknowledged how these BIM?s are growing. It is expected that within 2026, these BIM?s will be valued average of 10.7 billion USD. It will be of no surprise if the young architectural firms around the globe depend on BIM industries for financial and profitable career options.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an industry that manages building information around the globe, provides 3D structure to the architectural firms which emphasizes the work balance. BIM performs a methodology that brings all the information about the structure, its 3D model view, and other details which are required by the architectural firm to proceed with their planning.

This Company comprises a professional team that gathers all the information about the structure gets every minute detail, even provides the 3D developed structure to clients all over the globe. This function performs this activity using various graphics designing software like, Revit, Naviswork, ArchiCAD, etc. Traditionally this kind of software is limited to 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional drawing. BIM goes much higher steps further to get a positive review from the client.

Why BIM?

1. This pandemic world marked a steady reduction in employment rates. This BIM sector adopted end-to-end complete digitalization, so this BIM individual remains unaffected and stable to this pandemic. Online meetings grow stronger than ever expected.

2. Now a day, BIM Professionals started to see growth in their individual salaries based on their experience and fluency in the work fields. On average, BIM professionals earn 40% higher salaries than average companies.

BIM?s digital overview

BIM, now day can also be involved in Architectural firms, its involvement in architectural fields alongside other technology-related services like cloud computing, Blockchain, and many more services is possible through BIM.

BIM now has government-mandated for various public projects in various countries. Running along with fast pace environment various firms worldwide prefer BIM over CAD drawings. Various firms are looking to recruit architect with BIM- skilled, who is capable to deliver their knowledge in the development of the industry in this digital world.

Challenges Individuals face while moving to BIM

Many individuals are likely to face various critical challenges in their transfer to BIM. Universities have no such technological up-gradation to match the qualities required by modern practices; average students having slight knowledge about BIM services and tools with surface experiences is a major challenge.

Later as the architects realize of universities limitations, they continue to have a master's degree in Architecture with a focused course in BIM which gave them ample job opportunities and career growth.

BIM Learning Platforms: Oneistox

Various advanced learning platforms like Oneistox have taken the responsibility of filling the gap which restricts the students to learn more about BIM and powering up the morale of the young architects with new-age skills. Oneistox?s unique BIM professional course provides a specialized, career-related curriculum, by the professional expert panel across the world.

This course offers online study and provides students with every required knowledge about BIM procedures and techniques, software knowledge, spanning modeling, visual programming, etc, to the students.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.


Why Architects are choose BIM for career options?