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V-Ray 5 for Revit

The Chaos Group released V-Ray for the Revit software. It has the capability of high-quality rendering out of Autodesk's software of building design. It is very similar to V-Ray for SketchUp and Rhino.

By using V-Ray architects can transform the complex problem for producing renders which is photorealistic into a very easy solution. V-Ray is different from Autodesk's high-quality Arnold renderer. It is very much required Revit files to be linked and rendered in a different host package. The name of it is 3ds Max.

Constant Visualization with V-Ray Vision

V-Ray Vision is a consistently on watcher that refreshes continuously, offering a top-notch portrayal of a Revit model as designers work. Empowering quick, liquid plan perception all through an undertaking, V-Ray Vision assists clients with working through groundbreaking thoughts and customer criticism beginning to end.

Simple Entourage

With more than 650 free models and HDRIs to browse, Chaos Cosmos lessens the way toward populating conditions to a couple of basic snaps. The exceptionally curated library tends to the most well-known use cases found in engineering, including furniture, trees, vehicles, and individuals, for simple perceptions. Universe resources are consequently coordinated/sorted into local Revit families and classifications.

While a lightweight portrayal has appeared in the viewport for quicker criticism, the completely itemized object is consistently accessible at render time. Presently, planners can add setting and authenticity to a venture, regardless of whether they are investigating plans progressively or setting them up for the enormous uncover.

Past Rendering

The upgraded V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB) presently incorporates some of V-Ray 5's most easy-to-understand highlights, making it simple to carry an individual touch to any delivery.

With Light Mix, clients can intelligently change the tone and splendor of any light without delivering once more, making various lighting situations from a solitary render. Picture changes like openness control, shading equilibrium, and shading amendments can likewise be added, trading the requirement for outside picture altering apparatuses. For additional control, render layers can be joined utilizing the Layer Compositor to make more nuanced plans or even saved as presets for some time in the future.

Features of V-Ray 5

  • V-Ray Next is very fast, smart, and more efficient than any other software.
  • V-Ray also has an asset editor. So, users now can edit, create, save and manage V-Ray materials in one particular place.
  • Revit users are able to analyze lightning from daylight by evaluating real-world lux values.
  • V-Ray also improves performance and intelligence.
  • It also promotes CPU and GPU speed boots.

Cost of V-Ray next for Revit

V-Ray next to Revit is available for worldwide users. $750 users can get the full workstation license. Users also can get the upgraded version at $395. V-Ray next also can be rented. And the rental price is $350 per year and $60 per month.

Advantages of V-Ray

Perfection: V-Ray can analyze designs made by Revit users. It analyzes this according to the lightning and reflection and refraction of the materials.

Revit integration seamlessly: It can keep all sorts of Revit projects without altering the BIM database. Revit can complete all the workflow. So, there is no import and export.

Interoperability: The V-Ray work can be done by using other 3D-based tools like 3ds Max, Rhino, or SketchUp for assets that are rendered ready and can be reused.

Key features of V-Ray next


1. CPU and GPU and hybrid rendering.
2. Interactive rendering.
3. Denoiser.
4. Render channels.
5. Scene intelligence.


1. Lightning perfectly.
2. Adaptive lights.
3. Dome light.
4. Analyze the lightning.


1. Real-world cameras.
2. White balance and auto exposure.
3. Effect of the lens.

Texture and material

1. The physical material.
2. Material library.
3. Support of native material.
4. Decal.

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V-Ray 5 for Revit
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