About Window pane or sheet installation

Whether you're moving, remodeling or some type of damage has occurred, there are times when you will find yourself without any window coverings. Knowing ways to install temporary window shades can help protect your privacy until you find the perfect ones to install permanently. Read on to learn how to install temporary window shades.

  • Consider the size of your window. Measure to determine how wide and how long your temporary covering will need to be.
  • Look around the house to see what is already available to you. It's possible that you have a blanket, sheet, piece of cloth, sheet of paper or other item that will work perfectly to cover the window.
  • If you cannot find something in your home, check out the bargain rack at a fabric store or contact a paper company or local newspaper to find large pieces of paper to use as coverings.
  • Once you have the covering that you will use, consider the best way to attach it. The most common methods are nails, tacks or double-sided tape. The nails and tacks will work best with fabric coverings while the tape is a better option if you are using paper.
  • Fit your covering to the window and attach it by your preferred method. Nails and tacks can be used either on the wall beside the window or on the window pane. Tape can be used directly on the window or on the wall or window pane.
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