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Glass is the last of the major material standards to be converted from the old Working Stress method of analysis to Limit State format. Essentially, Working Stress method uses estimated real loads and decreases the capacity of the material through the use of a 'safety factor'. Ultimate Limit State design, utilises the actual ultimate failure properties of the material with a factored up load capacity to achieve a safety factor. There are two major consequences of this change. The first is a change to the wind loading charts. For the first time these charts incorporate all the factors that affect the performance of the glass including the addition of (new) aspect ratios. The second, is the limiting of 3mm monolithic glass to a maximum area of 0.85mē. This area is derived from an unfactored concentrated incidental load for minimum imposed actions for barriers,

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All contents of this page are taken from http://www.essentialmatters.com.au/resources/20060510InfoSheet_AS1288.1.pdf