About Vinyl siding, soffit and fascia, installation

Vinyl siding is a flexible material used for exterior wall-covering. Its wide range of characteristics includes good durability, light weight and minimal maintenance. It is available in a variety of profiles, colours and surface textures.

Evaluations to Codes and Standards

Vinyl siding listed with CCMC conforms to the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) 1995, Subsection 9.27.13., and to the requirements of CAN/CGSB-41.24-95.

Actual test results are not published for each product, but all products listed herein have met the requirements listed in Table 1 "Performance Requirements."

Usage and Limitations

Vinyl siding is not permitted as an exterior wallcovering where a building is required to be of noncombustible construction or its exterior cladding is required to be noncombustible.

Vinyl siding shall be attached as required for metal siding by Subsection 9.27.5. of the NBC 1995.

Fasteners for siding shall be corrosion-resistant, compatible with the siding material, and positioned so as to permit expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.

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All contents of this page are taken from http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/ccmc/registry/pdf/07%2046%2033.01_e.pdf