About Aluminum siding installation

Aluminum siding can refresh an exterior and significantly decrease the required maintenance on your home. Cutting and installing aluminum siding panels is not a taxing job per se, but when taken in context of covering several elevations on an entire home, the scope of the job makes an aluminum siding a good one for professionals. If you have got the time, are an experienced DIYer and have at least one partner to work with, the installation is doable

  • Mount full siding pieces running along the top and bottom of all door and window openings with screws in a level line covering the entire width of the elevation. Starting around the elevation openings will ensure a neat and finished appearance.
  • Proceed in mounting full length panels at the sides of all the door and window openings on that elevation of the structure.
  • Hang the balance of the aluminum panels with screws on all other elevations of the exterior. Repeat the process by starting at the top and bottoms of the windows and door and then sides of each.
  • Cut and hang each aluminum panel so that all joints are staggered and joints that are aligned are hung at least six panels apart from one another.
  • Attach window, corner and any other ancillary trim aluminum siding pieces to finish the installation.

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