About Treating roofs (by spraying, painting or coating)

There are several major advantages to sprayed roof coatings over the more traditional roof sealing techniques:

  • A sprayed roof coating has no seams to leak and is its own adhesive
  • The coating film wraps around objects that would be difficult to cover with membrane from a roll
  • Spraying a roof coating is much faster than laying a membrane
  • Spraying a roof coating eliminates the fire hazard of flame torches
  • A roof coating can be formulated to provide excellent sunlight resistance and elasticity to accommodate expansion of roof panels. Coating lives of up to 20 years can be achieved compared with a few years with bitumen roofing felts

This needs to be very powerful to support large spray tip sizes, and to allow long hose lengths. They need to be able to deliver up to 5,000 psi at the pump, depending on the coating and support spray tips larger than 41 thou'. The following units have their own petrol engine power source, so are self contained; however pneumatic units such as a King 56:1, powered by a separate compressor, can be used.

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All contents of this page are taken from http://www.lionindustries.co.uk/eqsprroofcoat.html