About Concrete form contractors

Our concrete forms use state-of-the-art robotics welding system which extends the life of welds on our full concrete forms. These concrete forms receive the most concrete placement pressure. A soft alloy weld wire is utilized in the concrete form weld process. This ensures greater flexibility without sacrificing strength when the concrete form is in use. This greatly reduces, if not eliminates, broken welds.

Another benefit that is extremely important for you to keep in mind when choosing your concrete form manufacturer, is bracing construction. You need to avoid weight gain through concrete accumulation under the horizontal brace. Concrete accumulation can occur when there is an open hat section on the concrete form. Weight gain will shorten your concrete form usage and can increase the likelihood of back injuries. By enclosing the hat section, we ensure no accumulation of concrete, subsequently, no weight gain on the concrete form. Our braces are serrated to simplify carrying and using of the concrete forms.

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