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Revit to Collada (.dae) Exporter.

The features of the new version of ArchiCAD 14 listed below:

  • Shadows in Open GL 3D View
  • Extended Options for Doors & Windows
  • Dimension Text Prefix & Suffix
  • Improved Handling of Schedules
  • Direct Import of Site-Survey Data
  • Performance Optimizations

Besides ArchiCAD, Graphisoft offers ArchiFM for facilities management and recently introduced a complete new product line for design/build firms, construction firms, engineering firms and consultants. This product set, which includes GS Constructor and GS Estimator, allows companies to perform model-based calculations for scheduling, estimating and purchasing and provides a comprehensive platform with which they can manage an entire construction project. Constructor also includes a next-generation MEP modeling environment as well as a structural modeling library.

Lumion introduces free Collada exporter (a collada file is required for developing 3D models) for revit to create models and materials in Revit and generate quick and easiest realtime scene with Lumion software. Lumion contains 2300+ trees, textures and models to create the wonderful scene.

Revit users now can get the ability to develop superior quality rendering and architectural visualization. Collada exporter for Revit is also compatible with AutoDesk? Revit 2013.

SAPPHIRE Viewer customers can rapidly assess SAPPHIRE models in plan and 3-D views, applying zoom and pan. They will also be able to analyze elevation drawings and segregate items to view in the model,

Process :-

Draw the model in Revit. Download the free Revit to Collada exporter. Also download the free version of Lumion software. Export Revit model to Collada through Lumion free Collada exporter. ?Include complete content of foliage, objects, materials and textures. Select camera angles, record and start rendering.

System requirement :-

Minimum system requirements OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32- or 64-bit) and DirectX 9.0c or later System memory: 3GB (for simple scenes) Graphics card: NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX or similar ATI/AMD, with at least 1GB memory.

Recommended system requirements OS: Windows 7 64-bit System memory: At least 6GB Graphics card: NVidia 460GTX / ATI 5850 or faster, with at least 1GB memory.

(one should register with Lumion homepage to log in and download)

Downloadable link

Revit To Collada