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Important Skills to Possess for Revit Mep Professional

In terms of energy and spatial requirements MEP elements are an integral part of any building project. MEP is involved in every step as the project moves forward. To increase efficiency and to absolutely minimize reworks engineers and contractors constantly strives for organization and a well planned schedule.


With the introduction of BIM, several software are now accepted to be at par with the demand of the market and construction project.

Some of the important features of BIM pertaining to MEP are- better coordination to carry out simultaneous tasks, planning efficient construction schedule and clash detection along with the capacity to resolve them.

To create a streamlined, 3D clash-free MEP layout engineers can use Autodesk?s Revit.


The gap between MEP industry requirements and Revit MEP users can be narrowed down by developing skills which does not just involves using the software but also technical and BIM knowledge all of which is involved in MEP. To use Revit MEP in the best way possible the user needs to be aware of all key user interfaces.


  • A well-versed understanding of BIM will help in gaining better MEP result as the Revit MEP requires collaboration with other structural and architectural components.
  • Knowledge of working around building elements such as doors and window frame, slopes, railings etc is important for an MEP process engineer to possess.
  • The common work sharing environment provided by Revit is helpful as it provides the designer the opportunity to create file and edit it at the same time from different aspects. This helps the designer to come up with a better planned design in accordance with aspects.
  • Using shared families within Revit must be turned into a habit. This allows members working in the same building a provision to count and edit by joining just once.
  • As the work environment will be common, it is important for the designer to get used to mechanical and electrical self-loader and manual approach from various frameworks.
  • The software allows the generation of a variety of construction documentation, which the user must be aware of to use it to its full capacity. These documents can ease the litigation processes and creating work schedules.
Important Skills to Possess for Revit Mep Professional
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