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What are some best Revit add-ons that should be used by architects in 2022?

What are some advantages of Revit?

There is no doubt that Revit is one of the most used software programs in both the professional and student lives of architects. In the field of parametric architecture as well as BIM technology, it is particularly beneficial to use it. The use of Revit by architects has a number of advantages and benefits. Parametric drawings are one of its features.

For parametric modelling, Revit uses "families." The elements in Revit, including title blocks, 3D views, walls, and floors, all belong to one of a number of “families.” Some of these families are built into the software, others are accessible through libraries, and some were created by hand. Data from 2D or 3D can be built into a family by giving it dimensions and properties. After modifying the parameters of a family like height, width, or thickness, a Revit user can modify the family. Building designs are now influenced more by Revit models.

How to download Add-Ins in Revit?

In Autodesk software, add-ins provide additional functionality. There are a few add-ins that are only available to Autodesk subscribers. In addition to these add-ins, there are other add-ins that can be downloaded for free or purchased from third-party sources. As part of a Revit deployment, add-ins can be included to make sure that the Revit software is provided to the target computers along with the Revit software.

1. Log into your Autodesk account by clicking Sign in First if necessary.
2. If you click on the blue Download button next to the add-in you want to install, you will be prompted to download the installation file.
3. The installation procedure can be initiated by clicking or double-clicking the file once the download has been completed.
4. The status is then checked by Autodesk.

The best Add-Ins to download in Revit

Our recommendation is to take advantage of BIM technology along with Revitte sheets to make it easier to use Revit and to transfer files to other software with ease, such as AutoCAD. In the following sections, you can find our recommendations for the best add-ins for Revit that will help you make the most of the program.


The free plugin SheetLink allows you to sync the model data between Autodesk Revit and spreadsheets using the model data in Autodesk Revit.


It is called Enscape, and it is an engine that renders real-time Revit models in real time. This application is what you need if you want to make a nice-looking virtual tour of your project with the help of nicely rendered images. Direct VR export is one of the features that Enscape offers.


In terms of BIM data, flux is one of the most important factors. In terms of its capabilities, it can do almost anything. Flux is more of a platform that makes it easier to transfer data from one application to another than it is a tool. Tekla column positions must be imported into Revit. How about adding Revit surface panel layouts created in Grasshopper? Flux will take care of these.


Use the TableGen Autodesk Revit plugin in order to import Excel tables as Drafting, Legend, and Schedule Views into Revit.

How can you Remove Add-Ins From Revit?

In the case that the add-ins that you have installed are no longer of use for you, it is possible for you to remove a Revit plugin from your system if it is no longer of benefit to you.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Balkan Architect

To make sure that all Autodesk components are completely removed from your computer, we recommend that you use Autodesk Uninstall Tool. There is a method that you can use instead of the most common one, even though it is not the most common.

What are some best Revit add-ons that should be used by architects in 2022?