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Top 10 Online Resources to Learn AutoCAD

Used by tens of thousands of people daily, this old program still is the number one computer aided modeling software in the world, by sheer volume of usage. If you're one of the newbies in the construction industry, it is almost impossible to not begin with AutoCAD. Keeping that in mind, today we will cover the top 10 online resources to learn AutoCAD. This should help you sleep easier at night!

First of all, we have to mention the Autodesk University. It is the official AutoCAD help portal, and you can find pretty much everything about the grand software in here. However, the explanation could be hard to digest, and so you need other external resources as well. Plus they offer tons of unique examples too.

1. myCADsite

If you are looking for free AutoCAD tutorials, look no further. The myCADsite portal offers them for every level of users from beginners to advanced, touching all intermediate needfuls and 3D stuff.

The tutorials are laced with quizzes and sample CAD files. There are plenty of videos on the site as well, to give you a more hands on experience.

2. Cadalyst

Cadalyst offers a plethora of information on AutoCAD and other CAD software as well. You can find them in the form of training, tips, and tutorials on their site.

One of the best things about Cadalyst is their extensive video gallery where they publish uncountable CAD tips and tricks in small videos.

3. CADTutor

CADTutor offers free tutorials, tips and articles for AutoCAD, 3DS Max and associated software applications. Not only that, but CADTutor can easily put you in touch with other CAD learners and professionals on their AutoCAD forums, which are a great free learning resource you can't afford to miss out on.

4. Tutorial 45

This awesome website provides you with a bunch of free AutoCAD training courses with practice exercises. This makes you one of the best ways to learn AutoCAD for a beginner.

Moreover, the tutorials have lists of AutoCAD commands, 3D projects and easy to follow how-to articles. It will help you build a robust base to start your engineering design journey.

5. Ellen Finkelstein

This is a personal blog, but it's no less important than the others in terms of AutoCAD resources. It is a grand repository of free AutoCAD tips, techniques and tutorials organized into categories that make it easy to navigate this rich AutoCAD resource.

They are all nicely organized into categories that include drawing, editing, text and dimensions, 3D, plotting and presentation, troubleshooting, AutoCAD customization, and layers.

6. Computer Aided Design Guide

Another blog no less useful for CAD stuff, the AutoCAD tutorials are actually articles published here by accomplished professionals in the field. You will find almost everything you need about AutoCAD here, from basic drafting to management level organization.

7. The CAD Setter Out

Bookmark this site today and stay updated on everything CAD! The CAD Setter Out blog is bursting full of AutoCAD resources online for learning.

They are quite nicely categorized into tags like AutoCAD create, AutoCAD Edit, AutoCAD Productivity, AutoCAD Document, and AutoCAD Customization.

8. provides a set of free AutoCAD tutorials, tips and tricks, and articles. The resources don't stop there though. You can find other free resources such as AutoCAD blocks, reference, and more.


If you've begun as a drafting person recently, you should visit this site every day. The is full of free AutoCAD tutorials, tips and tricks, and expansive articles about AutoCAD and most other popular CAD programs.

The resources are nicely grouped into categories and tags, and you can find plenty of references and samples here as well.

10. Lynn Allen

This blog is more for the somewhat-experienced CAD user than the beginners. The Lynn Allen blog is full of extremely valuable AutoCAD learning and news resources adequate for both the beginners and experienced CAD users who want to stay current on industry news, events, and the latest on software updates and features. You can also download lots of PDF booklets on AutoCAD tips and tricks from here.

Top 10 Online Resources to Learn AutoCAD