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Create 3d parts of your machine instantly with MeshCAM

GRZ software introduces MeshCAM, a useful CNC software for non-machinist that can produce gcode in the quickest possible time.

The users can apply this software to create any parts which can't be made through a conventional CAD program. The users have to just open any image file and apply MeshCAM to transfer to a 3D surface to be machined directly.

MeshCAM is compatible with almost all 3D CAD programs & 3d modeling software like Rhino, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Viacad, Blender, Sketchup, Tinkercad, Autocad, Alibre, ZBrush etc. It can perform with the two most common 3D file formats like STL and DXF.

If any user prefers to create 2D parts devoid of applying a 3D CAD program, just load 2D DXF files (in R12 format) and extrude them to a 3D part.

The users can click will be able to characterize particular regions.

You can click through the 3D window as well as load an outline from any cad program by characterizing particular regions to be machined. This aspect will be helpful to re-machine a segment of a part or machine a tiny, detailed section of your part. In that case you don't have to machine the total object.

With MeshCAM, the users get rid of the problem for identifying the exact area to machine. The users can perform it through a check box by informing to machine the total object only the area the area wrapped by the parts.

MeshCAM contains several toolpath options like below:-

  • Parallel Roughing (planar and 3D).
  • Contour Offset Roughing (Planar and 3D).
  • Parallel Finishing ( X or Y direction).
  • Waterline Finishing.
  • Pencil Finishing

This series of toolpaths can machine almost any part according to your choice.

MeshCAM is incorporated with Cutviewer, a CNC simulator. The users load the gcode at once devoid of reentering any information about cutters or stock size. With this feature, the users will be able to quickly view the appearance of the parts with no wasted time, cutters, or stock.

MeshCAM contains an in-built post processor to convert the gcode to work with your machine. It supports several machine types as-is and it can be expanded to support various other.

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Create 3d parts of your machine instantly with MeshCAM