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Convert the photos/scans into high quality 3d meshes with Autodesk's project momento

Autodesk has tied a knot with Artec to incorporate Artec's series of industrial scanners with Project Memento. Project Memento is a free preview of Autodesk's Labs technology that offers a streamlined solution for dealing with enormous meshes produced through reality capture systems like scanning or photogrammetry. With Project Memento, one can transform any pthotos, scans into super quality 3d meshes which can be cleaned up, fixed and optimized for digital application or fabrication. One can get rid of the time consuming practice for processing and organizing meshes created from reality capture sensors.

Both are also experimenting to facilitate Eva and Spider models to produce scans directly to Autodesk's Project Memento for mesh and modeling work without any difficulty.

A forum is formed for generating and distributing very big 3D mesh models, simplifying the process to use those models in workflows which cover other Autodesk 3D modeling tools like Inventor or AutoCAD.

The engineers will be capable of applying the Artec scanners and the Project Memento service to scan a manufactured component and evaluate the 3D scan to the original 3D CAD model to analyze how the unit degenerates over time.

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3d meshes with Autodesk's project momento

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