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These are the top 20 alternatives to Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Construction Cloud supports workflows spanning all phases of construction, from design to property development to building to operations, and was announced at Autodesk University 2019. It is impressive how many workflows are supported, how many capabilities each product has, and how connected the products are to each other.

Building-Connected, Plan-Grid, and BIM 360 are just a few of the features Autodesk has invested in over the past year with Construction Cloud. The company has also worked to improve integrations and connectivity within the products as well as build a unified platform.

1. Touch Plan

Project teams like Touch Plan, a construction collaboration tool that has won several awards. Touch Plan provides an accessible, web-based solution for field teams, planners, and stakeholders that substantially boosts the efficiency of projects. Since Touch Plan has been trusted in construction, it is no wonder 30% of ENR's top 100 list uses it.

2. Oracle Primavera

Managing projects, programs, and portfolios globally has never been easier with Oracle's Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management.

3. Procore

Using Procore, you can manage projects, manage costs, communicate, and collaborate online.

4. Fonn

Construction project management has never been easier with FONN. One platform now houses drawings, documents, progress tracking, communication onsite, and monitoring off-site. A field tool that is easy to use and an office tool that is easy to understand, all in one place, makes your job site more productive and your office more efficient. Your job site should not be managed with multiple tools. Use Fonn from now on & Put an end to chaos on the job site.

5. Field Wire

A tradesman, construction manager, and engineer can easily send blueprints, documents, and RFIs from the site without leaving it.

6. Blue beam Revu

The Blue beam Revu tool allows users to create and edit PDF documents.

7. Newforma Project Center

The Newforma PIM solution is a flexible and integrated solution that helps business owners manages profitability, risk, and connections whether at the office, in the cloud, or on the go.

8. Oracle Aconex

Cloud-based construction project management software, Aconex, offers control from start to finish, as well as operations and handover.

9. MTWO Construction Cloud

As a cloud-based software platform, MTWO is based on RIB's ITWO 4.0 software and deploys on Microsoft Azure. It provides contractors, developers, and owners with Next Generation CIM Software for enterprise level digitization of projects and enterprises.

10. Builder trend

Builder trend is a cloud-based software package that combines project management, customer management, service management, and scheduling into one product.

11. CMIC Platform

With CMIC Platform, you can manage your finances, projects, documents, analytics, and reports, all in one integrated system.

12. Corecon

It also offers job cost control, scheduling, and collaboration software in addition to estimating and project management.

13. Power-project

You can schedule projects, create quality standard reports, manage your costs with cost-per-report pricing and deployment options, and more with Power-Project's project, portfolio, and resource management solution.

14. Job-Nimbus

Job-Nimbus automates your project management, contact management, and task management, all with a streamlined user interface wrapped in an intuitive UI.

15. On-Screen Takeoff

Estimation software for construction companies with on-screen takeoff software.

16. Knowify

Knowledge Management Software or Knowify reduces the burden of business administration by assisting with everything from client invoicing to service agreements.

17. Red-Team

A social networking platform, along with a set of project management tools, can be used by contractors through Red-Team.

18. Co-Construct

Building modelers and builders encounter a variety of challenges on their construction projects which Co-Construct is designed to handle.


SKYSITE can easily be integrated into your construction and facilities management processes. Using it, you can easily distribute documents, collaborate on projects, create markups, update documents, and archive them.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Autodesk Construction Cloud

20. Synergis Adept

By managing, sharing & integrating engineering & enterprise information in Synergis Adept, you can save time, improve efficiency, & accelerate growth.

Wrapping it Up

Those users looking for new features or needing to try a different software solution can find alternatives to Autodesk Construction Cloud here. Additionally, file sharing and project management are important considerations when evaluating Autodesk Construction Cloud alternatives.

These are the top 20 alternatives to Autodesk Construction Cloud