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Geobim Technology to Increase The Speed of Bridge Construction

BIM stands for Building information modelling. BIM is a 3D based model or process that provides more efficient plans, designs, construct and manage building and infrastructures.

BIM Features

1. Make better decisions about designs.
2. It also improves performance of building.
3. BIM increases the quality of MEP (mechanical,electrical and plumbing) to support the process of project delivery.
4. It also manages the design and construction of intelligent piping structures and processes.

Most of the designs of the bridges are created by using building information modelling or BIM. BIM is not so popular method in horizontal construction. BIM is able to increase durability, flexibility, efficiencies and reduce wastage of infrastructure materials.

The ABC method which is also known as accelerated bridge construction provides the appropriate structural strength of bridges. To use this method users also have to think about the agency cost, construction cost, and also user cost.

ABC method increases the speed of construction by calculating the planning, design, and the construction method and reduces the effect of environment and the construction agility. According to the data of Federal Highway Administration, the State Department of Transportation is able to shorten the planning and build phases of bridge construction from years to 48 to 72 hours.

Time saving offsite construction process

The important elements of the ABC construction method are precast bridge elements and systems. This is primarily due to characteristics such as versatility, accelerated construction process, resiliency, and high quality of the precast components. The elements are built in a repeated way in order to offset costs. These precast elements and systems include The prefabricated elements that are manufactured off-site.

The prefabricated elements have the facilities of quality control, and then it is transferred to the project site where the process starts. This assembling of structural components built offsite tends for delivering optimum returns in terms of quality, durability, and general safety of the road users and reduces the traffic problems. To extend the prefabricated structures, an affordable Slide-In Bridge Construction (SIBC) technique is used. This technique involves constructing a bridge parallel to the existing structure with temporary supports. After completing the construction, the approach is moved to the new bridge and the old structure is slid out of the way.

Measure of cost in onsite and offsite

Direct and indirect costs can be assigned to the onsite construction method. The offsite construction method uses prefabricated bridge elements and systems (PBES) with slide-in construction techniques that can reduce the environmental mark while reducing the inconvenience to the general public.

There is a huge proportion of bridges across the globe which need repair. Being structurally deficient does not mean that the bridges cannot be used by the general masses. It signifies that the structure needs measures for avoiding any possible casualty.

In the U.S. alone, an estimated 8% of the bridges are structurally deficient which need immediate repairs, as per the FHWA. Deterioration of bridges is considered very common in road Infrastructure.

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Geobim Technology to Increase The Speed of Bridge Construction
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