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BIMX for ArchiCAD: A technology you should be aware of in 2023

Information about a construction project is created and managed by Building Information Modeling or BIM throughout the project lifecycle. Building Information Models serve as digital descriptions of all the aspects of buildings.

A stylish architect can create a relaxing atmosphere with reassuring brightness and high end appliances without many personalized decorations and playful details.

BIM also allows architects and engineers to detect potential problems in the early stages of development, thereby avoiding costly mistakes. When buying a house or any property for a specific purpose, BIM technology has also changed the buyer's experience.

Through a much simpler and intuitive user interface than ArchiCAD's complex BIM authoring environment's UI, BIMx's desktop and mobile software tools interact with 3D models and 2D documentation created with Building Information Models created with ArchiCAD.

Essentially, it is about how people feel and what they can do with the BIM they are provided with. Safety, sociability, friendliness, and abundance are essential in the commercial setting. In BIMX, every detail must be grander than in an interior residential picture while remaining familiar.

BIMX Features

A BIMX exporter makes it possible to export ArchiCAD models along with their details, such as building regulations drawings. As a complete project package, the software is used by architectural practices, but it is also useful to clients.


Building sites and client meetings are no longer cluttered with paper. You can easily share and access all your model data from a single location. Digital documentation is always up to date and available at your fingertips, which saves paper.

A 3D model coupled with metadata that instantly provides building element information, such as fire ratings. Model streaming technology leverages a computer game like interface for client engagement on any project. The BIM model provides facility managers and owners with access to Facilities Management databases for simplifying maintenance.

With BIMX Model Transfer, you can upload BIMX Hyper models and engage your clients using a simple web link. To share private models with selected customers, SSA subscribers and Graphisoft Forward subscribers can embed them on websites.


In terms of presentation and collaboration, BIMX is the most powerful tool on the market due to its simple, game like navigation. Ensure the client is provided with fast, specific feedback as the design narrative is developed onsite.

There are hyperlinks within the Hyper-models to the full 2D documentation of the project and more. When they see your project in 3D, team members or clients who are not familiar with 2D plans will be able to understand your design intent instantly.


Review designs and suggest changes on the go using BIMX on any mobile device without special hardware. Exchange real time project images and instant messages with BIMX and BIM cloud. Be sure to attach notes to the BIM model while you are on site or during the meeting with the client.

The latest design changes can be applied right away without ever plugging in your device to a computer. Teamwork messages are synced instantly and none of the updates need to be done manually.

Wrapping it Up

No matter which BIMX service is used, the ultimate goal is to show how a space or building will appear in real life before anyone can enter. In addition to being beautiful images, they illustrate an architect's perspective on how a building can deliver a lifelike experience. It helps clients and partners communicate and develop design ideas more accurately using BIM.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: ARCHICAD

BIM provides them with an opportunity to explore an architectural product in detail through a digital exploration. For informed buyers who base their purchase decision on their experience and knowledge of the property, BIM can be helpful.

BIMX for ArchiCAD: A technology you should be aware of in 2023