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The 12 Most Popular BIM Construction Software Tools for 2021

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a complex process that involves not only 3D planning, but also design, construction and collaboration. Generally, BIM is a useful collaboration tool due to the ability to share relevant data with everyone involved.

3D modeling is a major part of BIM, but it does not just replace older 3D modeling solutions like AutoCAD. Maintenance data, planning information, and cost information are also included in a comprehensive BIM.

Although BIM has its advantages for any size project, its effectiveness is most apparent when using it for large-scale projects in which you can easily track costs, detect clashes, and schedule jobs.

This list would be premium BIM software as well as some more affordable options since the BIM industry focuses on large structures and big budgets.


It is famous BIM construction software called Revit that solves different design and architecture issues. Autodesk developed it and it is one of the most popular solutions in its field. Many specialists can use Revit's features, including architects, designers, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) specialists, and contractors. It utilizes models in a way that is intelligent to facilitate construction at various stages.

Download Revit 2021


Autodesk also created Navisworks as a BIM solution. Navisworks is more of an AEC review solution than Revit.

Similar to Revit, it can also work with MS Windows. It can also combine its models with other Autodesk 3D solutions, review them and navigate within them without much difficulty.

Download Navisworks 3D Viewer


Revizto is an integrated collaboration platform in the BIM environment for both 3D and 2D workflows. Through its collaborative interface, users can collaborate with all project participants.

The Revizto software can be used throughout your construction process and includes features like clash management, issue tracking, synergy for 2D and 3D models, and even VR views of your models. You can easily access everything you need through this user-friendly platform. All stakeholders can access accurate, critical data regardless of their skill level, resulting in more effective, faster, and more efficient real-time decisions.

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Autodesk BIM 360

BIM 360 is another Autodesk creation that works with project management and construction. A single process unifies design, project management, and construction. Cloud computing allows different teams to view relevant data at the same time and avoid delays.

Autodesk BIM 360 manages the entire project lifecycle. You can review designs, manage BIM projects, add checklists for safety programs, coordinate deliverables, and manage issues.

Download Autodesk BIM 360


The SketchUp modeling tool lets users convert regular lines and shapes into different 3D forms. The 3D models built into the program make it unnecessary to do everything from scratch.

In SketchUp, you can choose from several tools. Online access to the 3D modeling program is available through the browser. In addition to having a desktop client, a comprehensive Professional solution can provide more options for your 3D projects. Finally, SketchUp Studio allows you to analyze your models and creations' parameters in real life before building them.

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CAD software for 3D design and modeling is ArchiCAD. The software is developed by Graphics-Soft and is compatible with Windows and Mac. Architects, designers, and urban planners use ArchiCAD extensively as it improves their workflow in every aspect. The aesthetics and technology of ArchiCAD are both meant to make it as useful as possible for visualization.

Download ArchiCAD

Vector-works Architect

This package combines CAD and BIM tools in one package called Vector-works Architect. This method aims to improve design processes, both 2D and 3D, without compromising their creative vision. Through this package, you improve every step of your workflow, from conceptualization to construction.

Download Vectorworks Architect


A BIM content platform that is free is BIM-object. Access to industry-specific BIM objects is easy with this solution, which is widely used by architects, contractors, and designers. All you need is a free registration form to use this service. Each BIM object can sort according to type, size, region, file type, and more in different categories. Advanced filtering makes it much easier to find what you are looking for.

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The Autodesk Civil 3D product, which focuses on civil engineering, offers some BIM features. Civil 3D allows for greater accuracy, fewer errors and risks, and faster incorporation of new ideas. Civil 3D is also able to streamline more time-consuming and complicated tasks.

Download Civil 3D 2021


Midas Gen is one of many products that Midas has developed. Midas Gen functions as a building management system with BIM features. You can achieve both practical and accurate results by utilizing the tool to perform structural analysis using different theories and functions.

Additionally, Midas Gen can streamline structures so that they are more convenient, efficient, and versatile. The nodes and elements are modeled intuitively by using CAD-like features. In addition to full analysis and auto-design, other features include user-friendly interfaces and much more.

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BricsCAD BIM is another BIM software that offers flexibility. It can handle all your project needs, such as adding details, sketching, and converting all of them into a fully functional BIM model. The different elements and properties of your project can control freely.

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SEFAIRA is a BIM program designed primarily for the early stages of construction and design analysis. Among its main objectives is finding ways to improve energy efficiency, daylight, and comfort by studying HVAC and ventilation systems. SketchUp and Revit can be easy to integrate into the system, and there are many controls and inputs for the analysis process.

Download SEFAIRA


The modern construction project lifecycle would almost be impossible without the collaboration of contractors, engineers, and architects working together toward the common goal of meeting client expectations and minimizing construction errors caused by miscommunications. Even with smaller or larger projects, it is still difficult for more sophisticated construction projects to achieve the same level of collaboration without BIM software.

The 12 Most Popular BIM Construction Software Tools for 2021