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Top 10 Best BIM Projects in the World

BIM is a process that use to streamline the construction project activities with a single system from the design stage to facility stages.

There are different software that works with BIM projects, includes the popular ones like Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan, Aecosim, Navisworks, and a lot more of the less popular ones.

1. Statoil Regional and International Offices

A key design challenge was to balance size and architectural expression with its surroundings at the same time while introducing new impulses that enliven the park and commercial area.

The complex structure design inclusive as a BIM project with the help of seamless dialogue between different phases of the project, and different people across teams (client, contractor, architects, and other working personnel), the construction happens with time delays.

2. Durleigh Water Treatment Works

Durleigh Water Treatment Centre situates approximately 2km west of Bridgewater, Somerset. This site design treats up to 28.5 Ml/d, with water drawn down from the 959,000m3 Durleigh Impounding Reservoir. Raw water quality has been fading in recent years. The condition and design of the existing plant mean the works fail to produce compliant, treated water at its design capacity.

The water treatment structure in Somerset can be easily upgraded with BIM at its base. A significant structure part tears down and reconstruct from scratch in the form of a comprehensive 3D model.BIM is calculating both the possibilities of a clash between various details and the entire structural operability. Engineering opportunities were conceptual to the overall quality of the 3D model, including the wastewater area rationalization.

3. The Clichy-Batignolles, Paris

A regenerated neighborhood of Paris is becoming a world-leading example of a sustainable construction, net-zero carbon city with Passivhaus design, renewable, biodiversity improvement, water-sensitive urban design, and waste practices.

At a total cost of ?505.7 million, this will eventually comprise a judicial center, theatre, and cinema. 495,000 sq m of real estate includes 200,000 sq m of housing.

The demanding Passivhaus standard is constructing all buildings, meaning that the energy consumption required for heating is just 15 kilowatt-hours a square meter of floor space per year and the overall energy consumption is under 50kWh square per meter of floor space per year.

A Major challenge of BIM implementation for this project is to reduce the energy consumption to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

4. National Library of Sejong City

The National Library of Sejong City constructs in the Multifunctional Administrative City of Korea, also recognized as Sejong City.

BIM model confirms the viability and stability of the entire structure. BIM was also used to calculate and provide various models for the pre-construction phase about the best way to create interoperability between different structure elements, as well as helped with manufacturing the correct panels and curtain walls that were fundamental for the entire structure to work perfectly in the first place.

5. Manchester Town Hall Complex

According to Construction Director Alan Garbutt, The main goal of the project was to speed up the delivery of services in a faster, cheaper, and more efficient way. BIM creates an asset information model that contained all the information on the design, construction, specification, and operation of the construction project.

BIM is an essential tool in delivering the Town Hall Complex Transformation program successfully and can assist the city by managing the complex for years to come. Operational data will provide a rich database of information that will enable the city to continue to benefit from the investment, which will continue to enhance performance and generate efficiency savings in the long term.

6. Napoli Afragola ? Italy

Designed by the Zaha-Hadid Architects, the 30,000 square meters structure locates near Naples city. It will host a massive number of traveling passengers along eight train tracks.

BIM 3D modeling approach also exhibits an effective method for transferring data on the industrial processes, both within the technical office and outside parties. It permitted engineers to visualize all the different types of design content in their space dimensions, together with all their complex interactions.

7. Victoria Gate, UK

The Victoria Gate shopping center, which opened in October 2016 and cost 165 million euro, is one of the largest John Lewis stores in the whole of the UK. It locates outside of London, the building spans two streets with 30 shops, restaurants, cafes, a casino, and a multi-story car parking space for 800 cars.

The BIM synchronized the facade, steelwork, and MEP, and civil engineering.

8. High-speed rail network (HSR) in China

This project was using Bentley software aimed at improving design efficiency. The construction company China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Company software stated that BIM reduced the design time and costs.

9. Queen's Wharf Brisbane

Queen's Wharf Brisbane is the future world-class resort located in Brisbane city, Australia. This project will cover up more than 26 hectares of land and water that will include 2000 apartments in three residential towers, 1000 rooms in four top-quality hotel brands, 50 restaurants, bars, cafes, and the corresponding of 12 football pitches in public spaces such as shops and casinos.

BIM implemented in this project for Waste reduction, manage the construction process, finding the clashes, and error handling.

10. City Center Al Zahia Mall -UAE

This project is one of the biggest project retail developments in the UAE. A trade area for more than 1.9 million people will be served.

The project team has to use the highest technology for this demanding construction to be creative and use innovative BIM methodology tools.

This project used automation tools and BIM methodology for the site logistics to optimize the workflows and increasing the quality of the project.

Top 10 Best BIM Projects in the World