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Nine of the Best BIM Modeling Companies in India Right Now

Modeling buildings and managing information in BIM facilitates easy interoperability, flexibility, and other features, such as data management, visualization, etc. As a result of this technique, you can boost productivity, improve cost-effectiveness, reduce rework, and improve coordination. A variety of BIM services are available, including those in structural BIM, Mechanical BIM, 3D modeling, and BIM outsourcing. Such critical projects will benefit from the application of BIM techniques.

India's population is growing exponentially. Sources estimate that the population of India will surpass China's by 2025, reaching 1.4 billion.

1. Pinnacle Infotech

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a tool that Pinnacle offers to Architecture, Engineering & Construction companies (AEC) around the globe. With Pinnacle BIM services, construction projects coordinate, assets manage, risks mitigate, logistics plan, cost optimization is achieved, etc. Among the services offered by this business are 3D MEP coordination, document management, and BIM modeling.

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2. TreisTek

TreisTek, a Geospatial & Engineering company based out of Bangalore, provides services such as 3D city modeling, architectural design, BIM architecture, 3D rendering, and 4D simulation.

The company develops 3D city models using point clouds, digital imagery, and other data sources, which are used for things like master planning, utility design, property management, intelligent transport systems, and more.

3. Silicon Valley

Located in Ahmadabad, Silicon Valley provides IT consulting services. Our firm implements structural, MEP, and point cloud to BIM modeling, as well as Revit construction drawings, and more, as one of the largest providers of BIM services in India.

Silicon Valley is detailed BIM services as a pioneer in virtual building technology for over a decade.

4. Revit Modeling India (RMI)

AEC, Design & Build companies can use BIM technology from Revit Modeling India (RMI). The company is a BIM consulting firm that provides a range of services, including BIM modeling in 3D, clash detection, scheduling, simulations, and estimating costs in 4D, 5D, and 6D.

Construction and virtual design sectors consider RMI to be the pioneer in BIM implementation methodologies and processes. The company offers residential, commercial, educational, and healthcare services, among others.

5. Virtual Building Studio

AEC companies throughout the world can now take advantage of comprehensive end-to-end services and solutions provided by Virtual Building Studio. It provides comprehensive BIM services to the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industries from planning to construction, handover, and operations.

We have completed a wide range of projects with clients in the USA, UK, Australia, and elsewhere in the last six years. In its history, Virtual Building Studios has completed over 20 million square feet of BIM projects across a variety of market segments.

6. Excelize

Excelize as a provider of Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions for offshore architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) contractors. This company offers CAD and BIM services, construction sequencing services, and BIM services from its US and Indian offshore centers.

7. Aashir Technology

Aashir Engineering, based in Ahmadabad, offers BIM services and adopts new technologies to keep up with clients' needs. The BIM Studio of this company was founded in 2015. It offers architectural design, MEPF engineering, structural engineering, clash detection, and BOQ and GFC services.

Several different firms, such as architectural firms, MEPF firms, structural design firms, corporate firms, and home builders, use this company's BIM service.

8. Rebcon Group

The Rebcon Group specializes in many fields of engineering. In addition to structural detailing, their services include detecting and resolving MEP clashes, coordination, scanning to BIM, daylight analysis, shadow analysis, and wind analysis.

In addition to delivering coordinated 3D BIM models for seamless collaboration, the Hyderabad-based company provides integrated construction and facilities management.

Mars Group

Ahmadabad-based Mars Group offers management consultancy services for a wide range of engineering and architectural projects. Through the implementation of versatile BIM outsourcing services, the firm has been working with several organizations.

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Besides planning and modeling for architecture, structural, and MEP projects, the firm also provides BIM modeling services. Additionally, Mars Group offers clients a range of services, including 3D modeling support for buildings and construction, coordination of construction documents, and asset roll optimization.

9 of the Best BIM Modeling Companies in India Right Now