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An Overview of the Key Stages of Architectural BIM Services

In recent years, Architectural BIM Services have become a significant part of the implementation of BIM in construction. In the development of architectural designs, architects support BIM or Building Information Modeling. The BIM process offers a 360-degree view of a projected building by creating virtual models of its components.

Whether it is a conceptual design, schematic design, detailed design, or a stage of construction documentation, 3D BIM Modeling for Architected Services assists in creating a precise interior design for renovation, restoration, or new construction.

Key Stages of Architectural BIM Service

Conceptual Designing

As part of the architectural conceptual design stage, Revit Models are used to shape the projected construction structure by emphasizing its looks, behaviors & structural properties.

A stage can be associated with a Revit model as well as several components, such as masses, conceptual design, and general project phasing.

The use of architectural 3D BIM modeling gives the design process an edge. In Building Information Modeling, multiple layouts & space plans can be created for presentation.

Using 3D rendering models rich in colors and materials, you can accurately visualize the structure of a virtual building. It is possible to determine location, orientation, and quantity using overall area & volume.

Pre Construction Stage

When Revit parametric facets are utilized in a BIM model, a high level of detail can be achieved. Using an Architectural 3D Model, our Building Modeling experts can create detailed and accurate Construction Drawing Services.

Architectural drawing changes get automatically reflected in all construction sheets related to the plan change. During the pre construction phase of residential and commercial architectural development, 3D BIM Models for Coordination can be used collaboratively for clash detection. By reducing design changes at construction time, this decreases construction costs.

Construction Stage

By integrating 4D BIM Construction Phasing and 5D BIM Cost Estimate, the construction phase can be developed more effectively & on-site coordination can be facilitated. Following the virtual architectural BIM design model, on-site modifications can also be accomplished.

It acts as a bridge between architectural design & physical construction by producing architectural drawings & specifications for comprehensive project requirements. As a result, the Revit Model confirms the shape, size, location, amount, alignment, and other details of the objects in the Revit Model.

Post Construction Stage

In addition to enhancing the construction process, architectural 3D BIM modeling services provide post construction as-built models that can be used for renovations. By incorporating various asset details into the architectural model, BIM services ensure methodical facility management.

Merits of Architectural BIM Service

1. Architectural BIM Service helps in analyzing different design concepts and achieving actual building designs. It provides 3D realistic models for architects, engineers, builders, contractors, and interior designers, allowing them to reduce project costs.

2. As a result of high quality construction documents extracted from the architectural model, waste can be eliminated, the cost can be decreased, and the construction process can be sped up.

3. It helps architects visualize pre construction models by using VDC in the architectural design process.

4. In addition to being able to generate 3D models efficiently, it helps to build a strong design perception, gain a good understanding of architectural standards & have access to modern technology. In addition to providing high quality BIM services, it also contributes to the success of projects.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Advenser Engineering Services

5. With Virtual Design and Construction, the construction process is documented in a high quality, accurate manner, which helps in risk mitigation & conflict elimination.

6. When a 3D VDC model is finished, it can be compared with the finished structure to determine discrepancies and fix responsibilities. When such a dispute occurs, it can provide evidence for the parties involved, reducing the possibility of legal complications.

An Overview of the Key Stages of Architectural BIM Services