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The 7 best CAD Programs for Children in 2021 for 3D Modeling

You need the best CAD program for kids if your child wants to design 3D printable parts. You can provide your child with such tools so that can learn virtual thinking, geometry, and 3D printing. These intuitive solutions will be of great assistance to you when teaching your children or your entire class. Kids between the ages of 4 and 13 can use them.

1. 3D Slash

Mine craft fans might like 3D Slash. There's no doubt that the platform inspires by a popular kid's game. As children use hammers, trowels, and chisels to break apart and build objects composed of blocks, 3D modeling takes the form of using hand tools.

An intelligently designed interface with instantly recognizable icons only adds to this colorful and entertaining experience.

Miniature users immediately present with tutorials after opening 3D Slash, making it easy to get started. Additionally, creations may be stored and shared easily since Google Drive connects to the tool. The STL file format is an option available for export when a model finishes.

2. Tinker Cad

Children can make 3D images on this CAD program using its various features. Using the downloadable template along with Tinker Cad's enticing material, you can easily create Computer Abrasive objects. For example, you can use the templates to make chairs, tables, cabinets by pre-drilling the holes in different sizes.

Children can enhance their creativity and knowledge with this free CAD software. Kids Picasso is one of the exciting features of Tinker cad. Drawing cartoon characters is an enjoyable activity for your kids.

It can access from any web browser with an internet connection since Tinkercad is an online program. The application does not require installation, and all designs store in the cloud, so kids can easily find and return their designs at any time.

There are several tutorials available due to Tinker Cad being an Autodesk product, making learning this product even easier.

3. Leo-poly

Children can create realistic 3D models with Leo-poly and then print those models. Kids will enjoy the awesome model library in this CAD program. The STL and OBJ file types are available for the saving of your project.

Young users can work from scratch or select models from the library. Here there are no complicated modelings techniques kids can easily translate ideas into models by using basic operations such as push, pull, erase, and smooth. It is also possible to apply paint, textures, and patterns to keep things interesting. As soon as the design completes, STL and OBJ files can export to print in 3D.

4. Solid-Works App for kids

Drawing, cutting, and gluing are the basics that kids will learn from Solidworks Apps for Kids. Software like this one aids in the creation of 3D models for users.

Solid-Works offers many innovations, such as high-resolution image drawers, mobile device support, drag-and-drop functionality, infinite clipping paths, and unlimited backgrounds. Cloud computing will store the documents and designs that they will need to complete the various projects.

Modules have simple features and interfaces, making them easy to use. Modules are tailored to accomplish specific goals based on their focus on different aspects of computer-assisted design and manufacturing. Using Shape It and Print It, a child can model an object for 3D printing. It is also free, like Tinker Cad. Solid-Works accounts and an internet connection are all that a child needs.

5. Leo- CAD

Learning about modeling is easier with LeoCAD. With flashcards, your children will learn faster. Kids can use Leo-CAD to create projects, landscapes, and other models that can display in their rooms.

It is possible to customize the learning modules based on your child's preferences and needs with this CAD program for kids. Children can learn how to make simple designs and create their 3D projects. Your child can play with the interface to create a professional-looking model by adding details and colors.

6. Blocks-CAD

Blocks-CAD aims to be a different kind of CAD tool from the ones you have seen thus far. It employs a Scratch-like visual programming method to determine the relationships between various design aspects by arranging elements one on top of the other.

While it is a simplified version of programming, this tool's learning curve may be higher than that of other kid-friendly tools. If your children are particularly fascinated with technical tools and fine details, you should introduce them to this program.

7. Makers Empire

Another great CAD tool for kids is Makers Empire. A major reason for its popularity is that it is similar to a game.

It is a similar interface to Tinker Cad uses for modeling. There are also monthly design competitions inside the app to make it all more fun and engaging.

Models are saved under My Designs once they are complete. It is feasible for children to download STLs, but they will require Class Codes from their parents or teachers.

The Makers Empire app for Android and iOS and software for Windows and Mac OS are free.

Wrapping it Up

Think about how a child loves to create its own 3D printed parts but only has access to Autodesk's Fusion 360. Even adults find Fusion 360 to be difficult to learn and might get discouraged and give up.

You want simple and easy-to-use interfaces and features to get kids interested in CAD. There are no stopping kids once that enthusiasm sparks.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: ATG USA

It is also important to have child-friendly tutorials. Young people need to be familiar with the most important features and tools to explore their creativity fully.

The 7 best CAD Programs for Children in 2021 for 3D Modeling
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