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Here are the 5 best alternatives to Bibliocad & their Features

A CAD library is a software system that enables you to download, exchange, and integrate CAD and BIM resources. To date, users have uploaded more than 120,000 files to the site. Bibliocad content has a strong focus on architecture, but there are still plenty of files available for other categories like vehicles, machinery, symbols, and many more.

Features of Bibliocad

Among the files offered by Bibliocad are DWG, RVT, RFA, MAX, 3DS, and SKP, among others. The language of Bibliocad, which is based in Argentina, is in Spanish by default. However, the English and Portuguese versions are just as good as the original.

You can contribute your files to Bibliocad's library without paying a subscription fee in addition to accessing premium content. Users can also learn about different CAD tools and design processes for free on the website's tutorials and interviews.

They may specialize in particular types of files for you, have a larger library, or offer a lower price. If you upgrade to the premium plan, you will have access to over 80,000 additional files.

Alternatives of Bibliocad


BIM-Object has an intuitive interface, easy-to-use filters, and a search bar. You can download all files for free, but you need to register first.

A wide selection of file formats is available from BIM-Objects, including 3DS, DWG, OBJ, SKP, and STL. Besides having a catalog of files directly accessible from your CAD, BIM-Object has also developed some free plug-ins for popular CAD software. You can use this plug-in with AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, Vectorworks, and SketchUp.


CAD objects, symbols, and details can download for free from Aplus, a modern, easy-to-navigate website. Each block can download separately without requiring registration. It may be limited to DWG files, depending on your needs. In addition, Aplus offers the most comprehensive AutoCAD add-on on Earth, a proprietary overlay for architects developed in partnership with Autodesk.


It offers a variety of free CAD blocks. Although the homepage of the website is in Italian, you can also view the categories and other useful content in English.

With a massive collection of 28,000 CAD blocks available free of charge, Archweb is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive free CAD libraries available. All of the 2D files are available in 3D formats as well as the DWG formats. It's easy to find what you're looking for on the website because the categories filter down to very specific terms. As this site does not require registration, so you download models quickly.

CAD Blocks Free

It has an impressive range of CAD blocks to choose from, although the number of blocks is limited in comparison to its competitors. There are over 1,900 DWG files, some provided by designers directly and many in the 2D and 3D formats. Artists can share their work on Cad Blocks Free due to this feature.

The site offers some paid items through different membership plans, but you can also download a lot of free content without having to register. There are several languages available on the site besides English.

DWG Models

While there are significantly fewer selections than on some of the other sites in this list, its limited focus (DWG files) makes it an effective platform for architects and artists.

The majority of DWG Models' 2D CAD blocks are available for free, but some premium files require a small fee. Filtering by paid or free files is available, or the free files are indicated with a green mark when searching the full collections.

Architectural details, bridges, maps, graphic symbols, and urban planning are some of the useful categories. This website allows you to download files without having to register, so it's a good option if you need to download a model quickly.

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Here are the 5 best alternatives to Bibliocad & their Features